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Traffic Monsoon


(A Lifetime Opportunity to Earn Money!)

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Everyday you will receive ads to click worth around $0.10 and for every referral that click you will earn additional $0.10 (100% referral commission)

TrafficMonsoon launched on October 10, 2014. Since its launch, the average daily earnings have been of $1 (2%) daily per active sharing position. This means that every active sharing position will earn you about $1 daily for 55 days, based on current statistics.
So, 50 days after your adpack purchase, you should have $50 in your earnings balance, enough to buy a new adpack!






Cash Links

Cash Links are basically paid-to-click ads. It helps the members to grow their earnings.

TrafficMonsoon is very competitive on the paid-to-click (PTC) industry since not many PTC offer as much earnings as TrafficMonsoon does.

There are four types of Cash Links to click:

  • $0.001 cash links with a 5 seconds timer
  • $0.005 cash links with a 15 seconds timer
  •  $0.01 cash links with a 30 seconds timer
  • $0.02 cash links with a 60 seconds timer

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Referrals (Earn 100% referrals clicks commission)

TrafficMonsoon offers a very generous incentive to the promoters. When you bring a customer on TrafficMonsoon, they will earn you good commissions:

  • 100% commissions per cash link click
  • 10% commissions on every purchase (except the cash links credits)
    This means that every referral you bring on TrafficMonsoon can earn you commissions.
  • 1 Referral earns $0.10 daily = You earn $0.10 daily
  •  10 Referrals earns $0.10 each daily = You earn $1 daily
  • 50 Referrals earns $0.10 each daily = You earn $5 daily
  • 100 Referrals earns $0.10 each daily = You earn $10 daily
  • 500 Referrals earns $0.10 each daily = You earn $50 daily 
  • 1000 Referrals earns $0.10 each daily = You earn $100 daily

 As free members, you will earn 100% commission on all the cash links they click. Whatever they earn by clicking, you also earn the same amount. 

As advertisers, they will earn you 10% commissions everytime they purchase a service.

Remember that you need to surf at least 10 sites by simply clicking on 'Start Surfing' button every 24 hours in the Traffic Exchange to qualify to receive paid ads and also to earn commissions on your referrals cash link clicks.

TrafficMonsoon Is A Long Term And Sustainable Revenue Sharing Program.

What is TrafficMonsoon?
TrafficMonsoon.com is a specialized advertising and revenue sharing company that allows international participation of individuals and groups.

Their services provide high quality advertising targeted for people seeking for a way to earn money online along with complete account privacy,

top level online security, efficient account management, and a dedicated support team.

Who can benefit from that business?
This business is built in a way to satisfy every online worker. Both advertisers and free members can find satisfaction with TrafficMonsoon.
- You can use TrafficMonsoon as an advertising resource to get new customers and signups to your website.
- You can use TrafficMonsoon as an income source by participating to the revenue sharing system.
- You can use TrafficMonsoon as an income source being an affiliate marketer by bringing referrals.

What services do TrafficMonsoon offer?
TrafficMonsoon is an hybrid advertising website. The four main features on this website are the Traffic Exchange, the Revenue Sharing and the Cash Links and the Affiliate Program.

Traffic Exchange
You can visit websites to earn advertising credits and show your website your turn.

Revenue Sharing
TrafficMonsoon offers up to 110% cashback on your advertising package purchases.

Cash Links
Earn $0.01 to $0.02 for every cash link you visit.

Affiliate Program
Earn 10% commissions on every referral purchase.
Earn 100% commissions per referral click on cash links.

Get more details about how to earn money on TrafficMonsoon by click now. HERE 1 Trafficmon Join Now

To stark look video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=njmoBQYFvq8

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